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The Modern Superhero In Film And Television

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Hollywood's live-action superhero films currently dominate the worldwide box-office, with the characters enjoying more notoriety through their feature film and television depictions than they have ever before. This book argues that this immense popularity reveals deep cultural concerns about politics, gender, ethnicity, patriotism and consumerism after the events of 9/11. Superheroes have long been agents of hegemony, fighting for abstract ideals of justice while overall perpetuating the American status quo. Yet at the same time, the book explores how the genre has also been utilized to question and critique these dominant cultural assumptions.

Children And Television

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Since the mid-1970s a shift in perspective has occurred on the relationship between TV and young viewers. Researchers, parents, teachers, policymakers, and consumer advocate groups have shown increased criticism of televisions's role as social educator, babysitter, agent for mass consumer socialization, and perpetrator of questionable social values, morals, and mythical human behaviors. Educators intersted in understanding the complex and wide-ranging contrversies about the influence of television on children will find much in this edited collection to clarify their understanding of the empirical research, educational practice, and national policy issues raised by the relationship between TV and children. The empirical and theoretical studies in Part I explore the interactive relationship between TV and the child viewer. In opposition to the widely held view that the child is a passive recipient of TV information, these studies show that children's background knowledge and their cognitive and experimental skills influence how they interpret TV content, symbolic form, and ultimately, its influence on what kind of learning takes place. The effects of reciprocal relationships of TV violence, commercial advertising and reading ability are investigated in other chapters in this section. Part II moves to practical educational questions and presents approaches to curriculum design for the teaching of critical and literate viewing skills. Innovative curricula, based on principles of liberal education, which encourage active and critical viewing, are spelled out in detail. Part III compares the policies of governments in industrialized nations in assuring the quality of children's television. An annotated list of studies and position papers published from 1975 to 1983 concludes this work.

Television In The Antenna Age - A Concise History

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<i>Television in the Antenna Age</i> is a brief, accessible, and engaging overview of the medium&#8217;s history and development in the US. Integrating three major concerns--television as an industry, a technology, and an art&#8212;the book is a basic primer on the complex, fascinating, and often overlooked story of television and its impact on American life. <br><ul><br><li>Covers the entire history of American television, from its urban, middle-class beginnings in the late 40s, to the contemporary impact of new technologies and consolidated corporate. <br><li><br><p>Includes interview segments with industry insiders, pictures, and sidebars to illustrate important figures, trends, and events</li></ul>


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