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The Youtube Manifesto

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The Youtube Manifesto: A Collection Of The Top 5 Channels For Every Category Under The Sun Volume 1Young or old, amateur or expert, mainstream or subculture, popular or niche, not one demographic or genre has a monopoly on success on Youtube. Virtually anybody can upload a video, create a channel and become a host or a speaker.Youtube channels and their owners are the new generation of teachers, advisers and coaches of the modern world today. Their reach is as wide as the range of the Internet. While the depth of their videos or the expertise of their opinions may be at best debatable, no one can deny their influence.

By reading The Youtube Manifesto, you will learn:

  • DIY & How To's
  • Cooking
  • Video Games
  • Cars & Automobiles
  • Fitness & Workouts Routines for Men & Women
  • Safety
  • Fashion, Accessories & Lifestyle for Men & Women
  • Makeup Tutorials
  • Parenting Advice & Stories
  • Dating & Relationships
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Much, much more!
Even with just a webcam, a niche topic and passion for the content, a channel can potentially satisfy your curiosity and need for information. Remember, do not judge a channel by their statistics alone, you need to read between the lines or in this case, the video clips. See beyond numbers, look at the hosts, listen to the content and discern between simple popularity and actual legitimacy.

Being A Youtuber

RRP $18.99

The guide to becoming the next big YouTuber! Discover the tips, trick and secrets behind some of the most successful young YouTubers around.

Learn all about becoming a successful YouTuber! From setting up your account to creating a viral video, find out how to master this popular platform and have your creative output seen around the globe!

Be inspired the stories of YouTubers who have built their own channel and following from nothing. Find out the tips, tricks and secrets to gaining thousands of subscribers, millions of views, and much, much more.

About the Author

Adam Sutherland is an award-winning journalist and non-fiction writer with over 20 years' experience in the industry. He has written for publications including The Observer, Wired and Esquire magazines, and has won the PPA Specialist Writer of the Year Award for his coverage of sport, and a BSME award for Young Writer of the Year. He started his writing career covering bands and music for style magazines The Face, i-D and Arena, but more recently has expanded to cover film, new media and business.

He has written a series of business titles for young adults on companies such as Nike, Google and Facebook, and biographies of rapper Jay-Z and Apple founder Steve Jobs.

The Discourse Of Youtube

RRP $268.99

The Discourse of YouTube explores the cutting edge of contemporary multimodal discourse through an in-depth analysis of structures, processes and content in YouTube discourse. YouTube is often seen as no more than a place to watch videos, but this book argues that YouTube and YouTube pages can also be read and analysed as complex, multi-authored, multimodal texts, emerging dynamically from processes of textually-mediated social interaction. The objective of the book is to show how multimodal discourse analysis tools can help us to understand the structures and processes involved in the production of YouTube texts. Philip Benson develops a framework for the analysis of multimodality in the structure of YouTube pages and of the multimodal interactions from which their content emerges. A second, and equally important, objective is to show how the globalization of YouTube is central to much of its discourse. The book identifies translingual practice as a key element in the global discourse of YouTube and discusses its roles in the negotiation of identities and intercultural learning in videos and comments. Focusing on YouTube as a key example of new digital media, The Discourse of YouTube makes a substantial contribution to conversations about new ways of producing multimodal text in a digital world.


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